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Refinance And Debt Consolidation


What does it mean to Refinance?


In simplest terms, Refinancing is changing the terms and conditions of your debt commitments, usually by paying off an existing home loan and replacing it with a new home loan with different terms and features. 

When do you refinance?

  • You are no longer happy with your bank's service.

  • When your bank’s credit criteria no longer suit your needs

  • When you want to consolidate loans for convenience

  • To get better cash contributions and rates

  • When your existing bank is not giving you further lending

  • To refurbish or upgrade your home and cover the additional debt

  • Buy a second property

  • To source bridging finance

How to save money on your mortgages?


Sometimes your mortgage arrangement may not be best for your financial circumstances. Bank mortgage conditions change every day. So, if you have an existing home, we can help you get the right mortgage product when you are looking to, downsize, up-size, debt consolidates or just refinance. We provide hassle-free advice that will get you where you need to be.

What is debt consolidation?


Debt Consolidation is the process in which you will be merging two or more debts into one new financial commitment. Essentially, it will simplify the management of your finances. And simplicity can be a beautiful thing. 

Financial and mental health are intrinsically related. The state of our mental health and wellbeing can make it harder to get on top of our finances and can lead to experiences of financial stress which can then further impact our mental health.


Talking about money can feel taboo, making it even more difficult for people to share what they are going through and seek support. Yet, we know taking control of our money, can have a positive flow-on effect on other areas of our lives.

When does your debt consolidate?

  • When you want to streamline your payments into a single payment

  • When you want to look for better rates

  • When you want to be on top of your finances (debts)

  • To consolidate your credit card debts and avoid high interest.

If you are in a similar situation or your situation is a little more complicated, and you need better understanding. Let’s arrange coffee or find a time to talk on the phone. 

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