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Surgical and Hospitalization Cover

Surgical and Hospitalization Cover helps you cover costs, related to hospital and surgical procedures. 

It helps you avoid the public health waiting lists. Also, the potential financial costs associated with being off work while you are waiting for treatment.


It gives you the flexibility to seek treatment with your chosen provider.

Specialists and Tests Cover

Specialists and Tests Cover helps you cover costs associated with seeing a specialist and any tests that they require.

This is an additional cover, that can save precious time when you need it most. If you have a life-threatening illness, waiting to go through the public health system can often take longer than you think!


You could spend that time getting a diagnosis and starting treatment as quickly as possible. Importantly, it allows you to choose the best specialist available.

Medical Insurance

GP and Prescriptions Cover

GP and Prescriptions Cover is designed to help you with everyday health care costs so that you can afford to maintain your health and have a life too!

If your current budget is taken up by everyday living costs, day to day health expenses. Such as seeing a doctor, dentist or physio can add up quickly. It can be tempting to put off looking after your health when there are more exciting things such as travel and entertainment to spend your money on, but maintaining your health is one of the most important things you can do. 

Dental & Optical Cover

Dental & Optical Cover is used to protect a healthy smile and vision - it pays for routine eye exams and costs associated with glasses and lenses, as well as a wide range of regular, preventative, and major dental treatments

There's no question that dental and optical work is expensive, especially when you need to have major work done. Did you know that regular eye exams can often detect major medical problems in their early stages of development e.g. high blood pressure and diabetes.

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