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Mortgage Review



Does your current mortgage and interest rate still suit your financial goals?  

It is very easy to set and forget about your home loan. Reviewing your loan on a regular basis is critical in today’s ever-changing financial market. Rates expire, and mortgage structures become dated. If you have an existing home loan and/or are looking to move to another lender with better Interest rates, it makes sense to review your mortgage.

What is refixing?


Refixing is the process of locking in your interest rate for a nominated period, usually for a maximum of five-year. Most people refix closer to the end of their fixed-term agreement or in the 60-day period allowed by most banks.

When do you refix your loan?

  • You want to lock in a rate for a set period.

  • You want to continue to have certainty for your repayments

  • Moving from variable rates if you prefer certainty of repayments to help you with budgeting

What is loan restructuring?


Home Loan Restructuring entails combining different mortgage products, setting the right interest rate and repayment terms, and in some cases splitting the loan to ensure a balanced loan.

When do you restructure your loan?

  • You have changes in financial commitments.

  • You have changes in your income.

  • You are interested in purchasing an investment property.

  • You want to undertake home renovations or get your home compliant with the healthy homes’ standards


What is a loan top-up?


A Loan Top-Up means that you borrow additional money on your home loan using the equity in your home. It can either be by consolidating your existing home loan or by taking out as an additional loan.

When will you need Loan top-up?

If this sounds like you, it’s time for you to talk to our experts. Rest assured you can count on us for great rates and experienced personalized service for the life of your loan.

Business loan.png

To help fund your business.

property development.png

To do major renovations to your home. 

Business Equipment.png

To upgrade business equipment.


To go for a holiday.


To upgrade your car.


To get married.

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