Property Investment

Build your residential property investment portfolio with the experts

Lending criteria change on a daily basis. At Financial Doctors, we know where to take your deal and how to secure the best available terms. We do not rely on a single lender, therefore we are able to grow your property portfolio by working with you and the finance companies to maximize your properties equity.  

Access the best funding

We are able to seek funding for our customers from over 15 Finance companies, this includes the major banks and non bank lenders.  This allows our clients access to the broader finance options and terms.

Position yourself for growth

Looking to the future, we can offer advice on how the funding for each property purchase might affect your portfolio in the longer-term.  Keeping you pre-approved with finances ready to go is essential for property investing. We’ll make sure you’re always prepared for the next deal.  We can also work with your accountant or lawyer to review your portfolio strategy.

Get more than finance

Property investing is at the heart of our business. 

Financial Doctors will help you:

  • Optimize your property portfolio.

  • Maximize your borrowing capacity.

  • Pay off higher loan repayments without penalties.

  • Save Interest on your total loan.

  • Reduce your total loan term and becoming debt free quickly.


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